Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him..."

" the one who seeks Him; It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord..." Lamentations 3:25-26 Yesterday was a "draw blood and see the doctor" day..less than 2 hours ...I love that kind of day.
Well I have been diagnosed with lymphodema, in my lower legs and will have to wear stockings...forever...The abdominal cancer pressing against the upper legs has shut down the lymph nodes from draining properly...and if left untreated, would cause infection known as cellulitus, which is really bad. I am really upset over this. Also, a cause could be the radiation I had in December-February, or the repeated surgeries, and the lower cancer. Anyway...I really need to know---if this chemo works, and the cancer goes away (dream) wouldn't that let the lymph nodes drain properly? No one seems to really know. I am so totally in God's hands and in His care. There are only 90+ of us in this STUDY all over the US and I think 3-4 there at Sara Cannon..No one knows the side effects, long term effects, etc of this chemo. I know that I was so glad to be on "vacation" for 3 weeks! After this 3 weeks, and the CT, I will have the next cycle of 3 chemo, 2 days (weeks) off, 3 chemo, 2 "days" off and another CT, making it about June by then. No one knows what to expect after that. I guess by then, there should be a definitive answer as to whether it is working or not!
Meantime, I am up and down, feel good part of the day, then nauseous and in pain the next hours or so.
So, "guide me, O Lord, as I hope, pray, make it through the sometime sleepless nights," ...I have (in between pain bouts) dug in my flowers, planted a few things, cautiously because it is bound to have a freeze between now and May 1! God is good!!!

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