Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Encourage one another daily..."

I did it again...I was not through! but anyway, I lost half my posting! the bad news is that I have worse cancer. The good news is my oncologist has a plan! He will use a cell culture from several years ago to plan a chemo just for my body! Is this not wonderful! It is experimental but most of what has kept me alive nearly 8 years has been experimental. The worst things right now is still tired, nauseous, could be from the cancer growth. I just know I am more tired than I have ever been. I may have to start telling friends "sorry I cannot do that" whatever it is. Anyway, I love all my friends and family and appreciate your prayers more than you know. The prayers and your cards are such a boost.

As you may know Cathy Messecar (friend and author) is editing my blog into a book, and she is working hard on this. I am praying this will succeed because I pray other cancer patients can gain insight from someone who is, and has, gone thru all this.

If you just get this blog posting, go back one and see the rest of what I is somewhere in nether land! Blessings!

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