Saturday, December 3, 2011

"For in Him we live..."

Acts 17:28 says "For in Him we live and move and have our being." Isn't this beautiful! Absolute and no worries about tomorrow or what ifs of anything that we think we control.

John and I went down the street tonight to an early American fort replica that was having open house and re-enactments. We tend to romanticize anything early American as being so wonderful and back to nature. It is back, OK! Fires and dirt floors, candles, bed at dark, animal skins for blankets. The re-actors had lots of singing and what has become country music with the Irish and English 1600's music the settlers brought over with them. We heard and sang along with Christmas songs and that was really fun. John has spent lots of time lately researching his ancestors and they would have been in the band perhaps who came here in 1768 to this fort, then headed south to Mississippi territory (now Alabama).

I am still not back to normal after the "tranquilizer" from Thursday for the pain block. I can just go to sleep anytime! The pain is better, not gone. I will find out Tuesday if there is another possible chemo. If not, then we will just let it all be in God's hands. I have had a wonderful nearly 8 years and I will never complain at God's care for me. "For in Him we live!"

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  1. Barbara Johnson-ClarkDecember 4, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    Hi Bev,
    You gave me a good chuckle when you talked about the re-enactment, and how "back" is in truth REALLY back. (-: I recall being in Colonial Williamsburg for a Christmas season vacation one year. As we walked up and down the streets of the village and realized that it was a very realistic portrayal of life "back" then, things began to occur to me. Things like how the animals weren't way back in a pasture somewhere when you lived in a village. They were right in your front door, back door or whichever door they chose. And not only did they eat there, but they relieved themselves there as well. And there were no storm windows to block the odors! And when the children went outside to play, I guess they really had to watch their step! Oh, and think about hanging the clean, fresh smelling laundry out on the line. I'll bet it wasn't fresh smelling for long (-: (-: And what about the customs and beliefs about not washing your hair except annually or semi-annually. I guess you might not smell the cow poop as much if you were living with your own odor! I think I'll choose my good hot running water in my whirlpool tub over the romantic 1800's most any day of the week.

    Praying for our answer on Tuesday to be the one that will keep you here with us a little longer. I know that death is but a breath away for any of us, and I long to be with Jesus, as I know you do, but you and I both long and love being here on earth with our families and our friends. I hope we are here together quite a while longer.
    Much love,