Friday, September 23, 2011

"..He will wipe every tear from their eyes..."

Revelation 21:4 continues..."There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain ,for the old order of things has passed away." And yet we do all we can to stay on this earth---to be with family!

I have had about 2-3 degrees of fever nearly every night, which makes you feel bad, no energy, ready for bed early, going to sleep when I try to read. I have done all that HAD to be done this week, by sheer willpower. Now that I have passed the one week mark, (since chemo) I pray for the next week to get better. I did dig some in the flower beds and moved a big bunch of "ornamental grass". I have two more bunches to move. They grew more than I realized they would and need to be out of the walking path. I am still getting yellow squash and red peppers from my tiny patch. We pulled up the green tomatoes and wrapped each one in newspaper, put them in the basement, and they will turn red in a few weeks.

I have gone to two classes (Bible classes--the BSF class) and they will be really inspirational. I hope I can make it to most of the classes. Tomorrow is our art studio/Festival along with part of Goodlettsville. I have 10 paintings in the show. Our theme is "100 for $100" letting the public realize that original art does not have to be expensive. As last year, 25% or all proceeds go to charity. There will also be restaurant "tastings" and antique appraisals. (But you know I think the art show is the best part!) I am so proud of all the people I paint with and we have so much talent there. I will love it if anyone sells paintings!

So, praying for family, friends, especially my Florida friends for whom I am very worried, and heading for bed, rest, praying for no pain, for appetite to return, and God's in-dwelling Spirit to keep us safe.

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