Friday, September 30, 2011

"Be joyful in hope..."

Will I ever learn to not second-guess this cancer!!! Here I was saying " no pain in a month, maybe it is gone" and it hit me again this night. Two of the strong pain pills helped me sleep. Now I think about what is going on! Actually, the pills kill the pain but I do not sleep well. So I will be dragging all day. Now at 5 am I am awake and ready for the day.

Yesterday was one of the great days (sunshine and breezy) to remember when it gets gray and gloomy. I am super busy with sewing, but I sat on the porch a while and read, just to be outside. I finished the outfit for one of the new greats and now am starting 3 dresses for sisters (greats) but I love the being busy. I am so anxious to get the outside gardening done, but can't rush this. I need to pull up summer flowers but they are still blooming so well, I just cannot pull them up yet. When I do, I want to put out pansies and violas for the winter. I have several more plants to move to different places in the flower beds. John is planning what he will put in his vegetable garden space.

My kidney doctor called me today and told me what the ultrasound (last Monday) showed and I can wait three more months to get the stint replaced. I sure am glad for the wait. He also said I have a bunch of gall stones, but we won't bother that until we HAVE to! so I feel good about that right now. I hope for no pain tonight. I also love this verse in Romans 12:12..."Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

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