Sunday, October 2, 2011

"...your renown , O Lord, thru all generations..."

In case anyone wondered how my doctor called at 5 am....the last post...I started that early and finished it that night.
This was quite a weekend. the Ladies Day at church involved lunch, speakers, door prizes and lots of gorgeous clothes, to see modeled, and available to buy at great discount. Just to be with that many women(over 100)to have fun is FUN! If you go to FB you can see all the models and clothes, etc. I was praying I could do this without my colostomy getting in my "way" of modeling but all went well! Last night was a pain night again, then today was fine. GO FIGURE!

Friends and doctors tell me I am tough. Well look at my heritage---they lived thru many wars (Revolutionary, Civil, World War I and II) then they made it through the great depression, lost homes, businesses, husbands died, leaving widows to raise children. They went out west in a covered wagon, they had children to die, moved to find work, were innovative in their endeavors. They got education, found work where they could, but nearly all trusted God for their sustenance, and somehow they stayed busy and productive.

These are my grandmothers, the women from whom I am descended. One was Cherokee, the rest were mostly Scotch-Irish or English, but one grandmother was mostly Dutch. I say I am a Heinz 57... So I thank God for these wonderful women, and wish I could have known all of them. I pray to pass these characteristics on to our grandchildren!

"Your name, O Lord, endures forever, your renown, O Lord thru all generations." Psalm 135:13

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