Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do not be afraid--be courageous

There are courageous people all around us. As I was driving to art class tonight(so glad I felt like going for a little while)...there was a man standing on a divide in a very heavily traveled highway, holding a cross, like Jesus would have been crucified on, and preaching that "Jesus is the light of the world, and in Him is no fear"..I thought about the courage that man has and how often we hesitate to mention Jesus in case we don't say something the right way, or feel shy and not knowledgeable enough. This man was trying, being courageous and certainly not afraid. One of my friends at art class, who is such an encouraging christian said just what I needed to hear tonight. I was in my 1% negative mode, worried about my low white count and what if the chemo is not working; she told me I needed to fix my eyes on Jesus and not focus on the negative. This friend's daughter had leukemia as a child, so this is a road she has traveled also. I needed to be reminded to be more courageous and less fearful. There are many passages in the Bible about this subject, but in Joshua 10:25, Joshua tells his men what God has told him---"be strong and not be afraid.." I hope I can be more courageous to share my faith, to share how God has rescued me four times from this cancer, how we are praying for a fifth miracle, and firmly believe, never doubting (not even 1%) that God can keep me safe.

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  1. Bev,
    I have read that some form of God's words to not fear are in every book of the Bible! I love you and the courage you display, especially when it must be so hard to keep mustering it up!