Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday--"set apart Christ as Lord"

Today was a little better than yesterday..if this goes as most chemo I have had goes, then I will be feeling pretty good when it is time for the next one! That makes for really DOWN feelings--to KNOW you are going into another 5 or so day period of feeling pretty rotten! But today was another beautiful day, warm, leaves nearly gone but still colorful. Friends at church ask "how are you feeling?" and I think,"do I say the truth? or say,fine?" as we usually do when we are superficially talking to most people. I wake up at night and pray and ask God to heal me and take this cancer away. I wonder how many thousands of people are doing the same thing? I wonder if God will answer this prayer the way we want Him to, or will He allow the world to follow its' motion and routine, and let nature take its'course and also have another plan for my and our lives? If I do not live, what effect will it have on family and friends? If I do live, will God's mercy help someone who is lost to come close and seek Jesus? Either way, I am praying to be who He wants me to be. "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have..." I Peter 3:15

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  1. Bev, the last two times I've sent the following message it bounced, so the only way I knew to send this was in the comment section here. This is in reply to your kind email....

    Bev, oh, dear, I'm not more knowledgeable in the Bible than you. The more I study the less I know about our benevolent complex God. By the way, you are doing a fine job with your journaling. I love that I can go by your blog and catch up. It's very conversational, and that's what most readers like--to feel like they've had a chat with you over tea or coffee--and maybe a few cookies, too ;-)

    Sorry I haven't answered until now. I caught something on Thursday. I'm rarely ill with a cold or almost never have a fever (had one at least 10 years ago), but I got something that gave me 101 temp and set me back four days. Dave got it two days before me and is coughing a lot, but I haven't gotten any in my chest so far. We're both home, dragging, and don't want to share anything at church, so stayed home. Our stuff is minor, and we're beginning to feel some better. It's you I'm concerned for after reading this week's news. It sounds like the chemo really took its toll this week, robbing you of energy. And the newness of the treatments and not knowing exactly what side effects might be felt must be a blessing (for the treatment) and frustrating (not knowing what to expect in days following treatments).

    I'm so happy the woman who bought your loom sent you a prayer shawl. I wrote about that ministry a few years ago in a newspaper column because a friend knits a shawl for a specific person and then prays as she stitches. At the time, she was knitting one for an elderly veteran. There are some mighty good people in this world who walk in His steps and in the Way.

    Bev, there is a beautiful song that I heard and sang at a women's retreat where I taught. It's called "I Will Change Your Name."


    I will change your name. You shall no longer be called wounded, outcast, lonely or afraid. I will change your name. Your new name shall be Confident, Joyfulness, Overcoming one. Faithfulness, Friend of God, One who seeks My face. I will change your name.

    I'm singing this as a prayer over you today.