Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Under His wings..."

Part of Psalm 91:3-4 says, "....He will save you... from the deadly pestilence...Under His wings you will find refuge..."....What a beautiful picture of God and His protection, which I really needed tonight. I had a minor meltdown tonight--some days are just so difficult, not that the treatment today was bad. Today was just an echo cardiogram and then one blood draw, not bad. I just have felt pretty rotten (no other word will do) and I found out today, my white cell count is very low, and also low red cells, making me anemic and prone to catching anything that comes along. I will have to be even more careful to not touch anyone or anything that might have germs on them or it. The nurse told me that hand sanitizer is my new best friend and I told her it already is. I am glad this is a no-chemo week, giving my body a chance to rest and maybe catch up on the cell count. If the cells don't come back enough, I cannot have the chemo scheduled for next week, and I really hate to miss a week, and not kill the cancer cells as quickly as possible.
Reading these verses about God sheltering us under His wings reminded me of taking care of chickens with Grandma.. the same one who taught me most of all I know! She raised chickens and sold the eggs, also allowing hens to "set" with their eggs and raise the baby chicks. One particular time, there was a very hard rain and one of the hens was way out in the yard with her babies under a bush and we were afraid they would drown. We ran around in this rain trying to rescue the babies, which the hen did not want us to do. There she was, in a pouring rain , holding her wings way out and all the babies crowded under those wings, fairly dry! Over her opposition, we finally did drag all the bedraggled hen and babies back to the henhouse. That mother hen was definitely a picture of how God would shelter us "under His wings"!

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