Saturday, November 28, 2009

"My soul shall exult in my God..."

My doctor gave me a very strong antibiotic, and said "go and enjoy the children.." so we did, and are enjoying the children!...I have had fever every day, even with the antibiotic, so my blood count must still be very low..I wonder if I will be able to take the chemo next week. But, for now, what fun to be with five of our great grandchildren who we do not see regularly. There are four boys and one girl of this part of the family with another girl due in January. These are our oldest son's grandchildren and they range in age from 3 months to being five years (next week). I have been attacked and jumped on and hung on and I love it!!!This is such a blessing to also be with our grown grandchildren and their husband and wives. My daughter in law and I had a time of tears and prayers and hoping so much for more of these thanksgiving days...but we just do not know God's plan for my life ,especially. So each minute is very special. I am having trouble with one leg swelling and the doctor also gave me a diuretic for that but it is not solving the problem, whatever that problem is, so next week at the doctor's should be very interesting to see just what is going on . Also, I am so ready to see if the chemo is working.

i awake in the night and pray...I have thought, maybe this cancer is like being "demon-possessed" like in biblical days. I cannot think it would be much different! But for now, Isaiah 61:10 gives me joy in reading "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; my soul shall exult in my God, for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness..."

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  1. Hi Bev, so glad you had so much fun time w/ the greats... how wonderful to be with the children. I am sure they livened up your day and helped to make you forget about the cancer for a little while. You are doing so great to have such a positive strong attitude during all this!!! You will get through it. God is always in control even when it is hard for us to imagine it. You mentioned demon possessed. I have often thought of this peri/meno nightmare I am going through as being demon possessed as well. Of course there is no comparison w/ your cancer, but just thought I would relay that yes, I have felt demon possessed as well and it is not a fun thing. You and I both are tough and we will get through whatever God has called us to bear. Love you. Sue