Friday, November 20, 2009


Tonight I have a fever...also had one two nights ago. This is part of having low white cells in the blood, caused by the chemo treatment. This low white cell count is called 'neutropenia". When this low blood happens, you need to stay away from people, not touching anyone (besides family) and do lots and lots of hand washing. The low white cells is usually accompanied by low red cells and platelets in the blood. All of this causes extreme tiredness, little effort to accomplish much of anything--all seems just too much. Also the body is very, very open to infection. Before the last surgery in September, I asked our Elders to pray over me and anoint me with oil. James 5:13-16 speaks of this. We have done this four times and I feel I owe my life these five years to believing in this passage in the Bible---"pray for each other so that you my be healed."
Today is my birthday. I do not feel "cheated" by having a less-than fact, I feel very blessed to be alive. I know God is handling all the days of my life, whatever, however whenever they may be. I have received many, many cards, flowers and facebook greetings for which I am so tearfully grateful. I did not know so many cared and I am overwhelmed. Thank you all so much for reading this "journey" blog and for caring about me. I feel very loved. I hope tomorrow is better and I can think of lots to write about.

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