Thursday, March 31, 2011

"...we (are) the children of God"...
"...we (are) the children of God"...

All of us, no matter our age still act like children at times...I am still thinking of being with my great nephews yesterday. One of them showed me a picture of our of my sister's cats she used to have. The child asked where the cat is and I said she died a long time ago. He then asked "why did she die?" I told him because she got old and tired. Later I told my sister---"when I die, this child will ask if I got "old and tired?" This is just too funny. You have to know our family laughs at weird things. When Daddy died (in his sleep) on the night of Mama's funeral, we three sisters were sitting on the floor by his bed, waiting for the police to come and question us...we had had little or no sleep for days, and were so slap-happy, and grief-ridden, we sat there and told family jokes, and funny things everyone had done, and then we would cry then laugh. Then we spent three more days at the funeral home.

This was a rough time but we got through it with prayer and lots of happy memories, knowing neither would have been happy without the other!

Tonight in our Wednesday night lesson, going through the life of Jacob, we talked about how God disciplines His children, and how our parents did so for us. I remember how Mama would lay a switch on the mantel and I would see it and know I would eventually "get it" ...I was "hell-bent" it seems to get a switching!

I John 3:1 says "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!" draft 3/30/11 by Bev Delete
Edit "...sing to the Lord..." draft 10/21/10 by Bev Delete

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