Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Celebrate God everyday..."

We got our potatoes (all 8 hills) in the ground early like we were supposed to---well, tonight is the third huge rain storm, so they are probably rotting in the ground! So much for our gardening! But it can be re-done.

I had a heart echo test today and it was to see if the chemo did any damage, in the ending of that last terrible chemo. Thank God so much, my heart was fine. I wish I could say the same for the lingering sores on my legs, and of course my dead finger nails. The nails I think will grow back, but the rash does not seem to go away. I am really getting unbelievably stressed out over this.

The last thing I can think of that I used to do and really don't do any more, is ride bikes. I don't mean an occasional ride like I did last summer, but every day type long distance riding. I rode from our house (growing up) in to East Nashville, about 10 miles each way. I cannot believe my parents let me do that. But they did and it was fun and I made it ok. John and I used to take out bikes (good ones by that time--hybrids) to Florida with us and ride them all over, when we were there for a month. We and the grandchildren took bikes camping and that was a load---usually there would be7-8 or us and all that many bikes. Going back to when our children were young and I would load up the camper and put all 5 bikes on top, tie them down good, and pick up John after work on Fridays and we would be off to the parks. He was embarassed at our wild looking aray and asked me to pull up a block away from his work so maybe no one would recognize us!

Growing up, I would ride with feet on the pedals, hands off and lean way back and ride down hills like that. I never fell, what a blessing! I wondered as they grew up where our family got a little wild streak and maybe from me?

"Celebrate God everyday---Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns....It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life." Philippians 4:6-8 the "Message"

I have not celebrated God enough, and have allowed these side effects to shape my days. I pray I will change my outlook.


  1. Praise God for you, Bev Grayson. I thank God for every person in this battle with cancer who still looks to Him, who clings desperately to Him. Thank you for your messages to me. That you would take time to read my thoughts and especially to comment when you are facing your own cancer is amazing and humbling to me. So as your sister in Christ, I stand beside you, hold your hand, and look to Jesus with you. And I pray for us both that He will come to our rescue, and quickly. And I pray for minimal physical distractions (i.e. side effects) that take our eyes off of Him.
    Love you in the Lord-
    Sara Walker

  2. I have so enjoyed reading all your "what I used to do's". Each one has made me smile. And I love love love the way the Message reads on the verse you posted yesterday (I stole it for my own blog post - that is, if one can "steal" God's Word ;) ) And my kiddos and I are memorizing that passage in Philippians you posted today (NIV). So nice to be connected in Him. Just so you know, still praying for you daily.