Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"...filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit..."

...how wonderful...Romans 15:13 "Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!" ("The Message")

Wonder what "green hope" is? I think it must be the hope that cancer is gone, the hope that all is well in the world..seeing flowers bud and trees bloom make me think of green hope. The joy of the seasons changing, joy of friends and family, sounds like green hope. I was at my sister's today and two of her grandsons (twins age 5) were there...they are so funny and they are either loving on each other or half killing each other. they will have a baby brother in august--another new member of the family. I said we are like rabbits! One of the boys has brown eyes, unlike anyone on that part of the family. With John and me, our children and grandchildren are brown eyed (14 of us)until the last two, and they are our first blue eyes in our side of the family. I am not counting the "in-laws". I was telling my great nephew our brown eyes come from my grandmother and that her grandmother was Cherokee..He was trying to figure out how many "greats" that was for him.

John had a basil cell cancer removed from his back today and we are so thankful it was only that. My skin "rash" is much better except now it is on my face! My finger nails are of course, non-existant, and my head is fuzzy. Still 2 weeks to go until CT..almost a daily count-down...don't know what to do..as usual I hate to do nothing but also hate the chemo! But the rest has been so nice! I guess I feel like maybe I can do it again. A month ago I was not sure. I guess this is "green hope".

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