Sunday, March 28, 2010

"If the Lord had not been on our side.."

well I lost the first post I was writing..maybe I was not supposed to say what was there.We came home to sadness, as the son of very dear friends was killed in a traffic accident while we were gone. He leaves a wife and two children..a terrible, needless accident not of his doing. Our cousin, Anna, of whom I have written, is failing in health and they have hospice called in now. So quickly, life can change and we need to especially enjoy and be aware of the blessings of each day. I know so real now that I did not appreciate my health for most of my life. We take things for granted. We should fall on our knees each day in thankfulness for everything, blessings, family, friends, just life in general. Tomorrow is John's heart doctor and checking to see how the medicine is working and hopefully keeping his heart in rhythm. This is supposed to be a warm spring week, good for working in the yard. I hope I feel like doing this. I still in my mind, am able to do everything I always did. This spring will be a test to see if that is true!!! As Psalm 124 says, the Lord is "on our side", and our help is in the Maker of Heaven and earth..."

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