Tuesday, March 30, 2010

.."we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God."

Romans 5:2 tells us how we rejoice in the glory of God. Thank you God for this hope and glory! My oncology nurse called me today to ask how the trip was and to say, that my oncologist is going to be able to get me into the chemo trial he wanted me to be in last December. When I got so sick and could not do chemo for a few months, we thought that was out. But it is not, so I feel very blessed to get into this clinical trial, which has very few side effects, and he hopes will be very effective. I feel like God was holding my place open for me! He is keeping me alive for His purposes, and I hope all our friends' prayers, all our family hope and prayers are being realized. The Ct is only two days away and it will tell just how bad or good I am doing. This call today was very encouraging.
We worked in the yard today, I did alot of digging in flowerbeds. I was not sure how I would do but it went well, so I still have strength to do this work in the yard.
Thank you God for your peace and hope and the glory of your presence in our lives.

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