Sunday, March 7, 2010

We are children of God

I missed writing yesterday...We attended a beautiful wedding in which two children of the bride were maid of honor and best man...what a wonderful way to start a new blended family! The bride's father was the preacher so it was a real "family affair". I love to see families working together and being happy together. I also thought, 30 minutes of this ceremony changes your entire life forever. I pray they will be strong and happy together.
Thinking of family, I remembered some old family stories ---if I don't tell these happenings, my children and grandchildren will never know these stories.
Grandma used to tell how HER grandfather fought in the Civil War. She remembered seeing him buried in his confederate uniform. She also told how during one of the battles close to home, he purposely ate a "green fly" to get sick so he could go home to recuperate. The thought makes me ill!!!
My Grandpa was a traveling salesman for paint supplies (traveling in a horse and buggy) when he was courting grandma. After they married, he and his two brothers started their paint company (in 1912) and the company remained through three generations. Their names were Aaron, Henry and Mose. During World War II when supplies were very difficult to get, he called a wholesaler in New York and spoke to the owner and told him "I need some linseed oil, and I am Aaron and my brother Moses is here...." They got the linseed oil!
Another time, back when they were boys, someone was going down the dirt road and stopped and said "little boy what is your name?" Grandpa said "Aaron". The man said "and where is Moses?" and Grandpa said, "he's in the house." They had fun with their names.
I have heard that as long as a person remembers someone who is dead,that person still lives ( in memory). i am thankful for all those long porch evenings when I was a child, listening to the grownups talking.
I am thankful for feeling really good right now, knowing I still have a month before the chemo (rat poison) starts again. Just think how much God loves us, as IJohn 3:1 says, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God. And that is what we are."

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