Friday, March 5, 2010

"Strength to the weary..."

Today started out as a usual day--going to two doctors. We try to get several on the same day to save a little on gas going into town.The first doctor was John's glaucoma specialist and he had good news about that--the pressure is still gone (cataract surgery took that away) but then he got very serious and said "what are you doing next today?" and we told him, going to our family doctor for our every 4-5 month check-in. He told John one of his eyes was seriously impaired and we needed to go to the macular degeneration specialist right now! The doctor called, got us in and so we went there for four hours, all afternoon. We discovered John has totally lost his central vision in his right eye! No med or help for that eye. His left eye was in serious condition and hopefully can be saved with a monthly shot in that eye. (A very, very, very expensive med that ,thankfully, our insurance is paying for!!!) We are so thankful for this blessing. John can keep driving as long as this left eye stays as normal as it is now (in ability to see). The "bad" eye still has peripheral vision, which is not allot of good.
All this has happened in about four months. I am so sad, because I know he will miss out on many times of not seeing scenery, flowers, our babies faces, and life in general. And we know as in everything else, God's hand will keep John strong and hold him up when he gets discouraged.
"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God.....He will not grow tired or weary....he gives strength to the weary." Isaiah 40: 28-29


  1. I enjoy hearing from you. Your blogs are great. That is neat that you all can go to several appointments in one day. I like that concept.Why clutter several days when you can go all at once. BTW, my biopsy came negative. PTL!
    I still have some "big stuff" coming up. Tell more later. God is a wonderful Provider. Love your scripture references. Psalm 23.

  2. Bev and John,
    I come to your blog every day or 2 just for inspiration. My life is so much easier at this particular point than yours and yet I find myself whining way too much. But, I come here and it makes me want to be a better person. God bless you both.

    Katrina Waltenbaugh