Sunday, January 2, 2011

"I lift up my eyes unto the hills--"

" where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2 No where else is there any help, not really. Only earthly contributions to our being.THE DAY is nearly here, and the CT is tomorrow. I had a lot of wonderful support today at church and many praying for me. I feel so honored and lifted up by these prayers. Today has been a repeat with the swelling of hand and legs/feet , sore hands and feet, food is bad again.

There are several friends who are struggling and more names added every week from church or acquaintances, as cancer is everywhere. A friend called tonight and her niece is to have cancer surgery tomorrow. My friend in Florida is waiting to see what is next for him in this struggle. A former teacher friend has a recurrence and not much hope except from the Lord! So here we are, starting a new year, and by May I will start my 8Th year for having cancer. God is so magnificent and holds me in His hands.

I cannot wait to see what He wants me to do next. He allows me to sew (commercially) and I am able to help support wells in various parts of the world. (A very small amount) But I feel very passionate about people having clean water. We take this for granted! So I pray I can continue to do this. I hope your desires continue this new year. Happy New Year!

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  1. Barbara Johnson-ClarkJanuary 2, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    Dear Bev,
    I guess by the time you read this, it will be Monday, and the scan will be past tense, but in case you are still up and reading this message, don't forget the prayers of the Clarks that continue daily for you. Little ten year old Jacob never forgets you in his prayers. It's just so sweet and precious how tender his heart is. Oh, if only we adults could have that tenderness and innocence. We love you so dearly. Of course we are praying fervently for Jim with his cancer, and we have begun praying for your friend, Gene, as well. Cindy in MO is praying for you, too. I believe God is listening to this multitude, and I feel so strongly that tomorrow's scan will be so encouraging. Please let us know as soon as you possibly can.
    We love you dearly and John, too,
    Barbara and Alan