Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Carry each others' burdens..."

"and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 How pleasant and personal, sister-like is it when someone helps you and carries some of your burdens, if only by being there to talk or pray, or send a note. I have a friend whose ministry is sending notes. She probably sends hundreds each year. They are not just a note card, but personal, caring, hand writing that shows she knows your situation and truly cares.

Each of us has our own ministry that shows others our love for them.

John has been so sick! I think he was depressed today and I just MADE him get out of bed and go to the garden center. At one point I looked back at him and he was leaning over the basket, and I almost felt guilty! But he felt so much better in the afternoon because he got out of bed! We came home and dug and planted lots of flowers. Tonight he is relapsing and feels terrible. Maybe tomorrow he will be better since he has taken 5 out of 14 antibiotics. so far.

We were talking today about how children can no longer play games like we did--"Red Rover", "Kick ball", "dodge ball", because they might get hurt! How sad, that children cannot be free to go out, get hurt, get over it, and "be sure you are home by dark". We sure did have fun in that freedom.

Prayers for children everywhere, for safety, for parents who care, and praying for John to get well. As usual off chemo, I feel very well! Thank you God for the rest and for the good CT in 2 months!

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