Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Surely He has done great things..."

"...Be not afraid, O land; be glad and rejoice. Surely the Lord has done great things." Joel 2:20-21

I lost my Bible last week...looked EVERYWHERE for it. We went back to church and looked in the parking lot, went to a restaurant we go to on Wednesday night and looked there, no Bible! I was just sick! Tonight there it was lying on a shelf just inside the sanctuary. I KNOW I did not leave it there. I am so thankful to find it. My very favorite Bible with all my notes from Israel ended up given to a trucker. I told about that last year. I just really hated to loose another one!

I finally am back in the "land of the living". I will be glad to see what my blood counts are next week because I got this flu/pneumonia too easily and got too sick to have normal cell count. But I am afraid John is getting it now. He does not feel good now. Getting older is not for the faint at heart!

About two weeks ago I called that cool spell "blackberry winter". I was WRONG. This COLD spell is definitely blackberry winter. Two weeks ago the domesticated blackberries were blooming and that does not count. This week the wild ones were blooming and that is the real blackberry winter! We had a 39 degree low one morning and highs in the 50's, way too cold for this late in May, but maybe all the winters are over now. John's tomatoes are blooming--wow--last summer with the really wild highs and no rain we did not have a bloom until July! Then almost no tomatoes. I think the potatoes are about ready to bloom which means they are making potatoes. A friend asked "How large is your garden?" John said "About 4'x8'"...they just laughed. But we have always had some sort of a garden, regardless of where we lived. So laugh on--as we eat our green beans and new potatoes, fresh tomatoes, mint for out tea, and onions to cook on a roast. The green thumbs are here!

We just sit in awe every day in God's goodness and His keeping us alive and able to enjoy each other and all the things we do together. He absolutely "has done great things"!

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