Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"...from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.."

John and I had the opportunity to attend the lectureship at Pepperdine University last Tuesday until Saturday, May 7. What an awesome experience. We have attended two other times. You can attend lectures from the most and the best of preachers, authors, noted speakers, university professors, all in a christian setting. Each day has two keynote speakers and wonderful worship singing, then about 4-6 classes you may attend each day, and various fun things to do, entertainment by music groups and lots of good food. Our friend, Cathy Messecar, whose latest book, "A STILL QUIET SOUL--embracing contentment" was there and spoke one day. Her book is the one in which she included a chapter on my fight with cancer.

Because of her encouragement and several people I met while at Pepperdine, I have been urged to put this blog into a devotional book. Cathy and a Doctor at Pepperdine who has just authored another book gave me so much advice to do this. Then John and I came back through Missouri and visited family. A family member who writes many books, mainly Civil War era, also talked at length about how I should proceed. I feel this is laid out by God for an encouragement for me. I pray this endeavor will turn out for the good. I also pray if I can do this, that many who have cancer will feel encouraged by seeing that life does not end with a diagnosis.

I heard from my friend, Gene (in Florida) and he is still fighting and making through each chemo which is giving him a really tough time. We always pray he can get through and have a wonderfully good diagnosis. I don't know if I am any better, hands and nails still very disfigured and still cracking open. This truth may not be encouraging! But REALLY. I feel good and can do what I want to do. How many can say that? I do get tired some more that I used to, but after all, age does catch up with each of us.

The lectureship was based on the Psalms and each person spoke from one..the one here was Psalm 90:1-2 and the preacher talked about how this Psalm was written by Moses in the midst of the 40 years of wandering. Moses said, "Lord, you have been our dwelling place through all generations. Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God."
This knowledge is what sustains me or any of us who battle the unknown and impossible. Thank you O Lord for all blessings!

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  1. Such encouragement, Bev! So glad you were able to attend Pepperdine Lectures this year. Pray for you often,Bev.
    love kathryn
    i see my oncologist on Friday.I do not believe there will be any new news.I will have a PET scan in June or July. I am feeling stronger everyday. Blessings on your day.