Wednesday, May 11, 2011

" will take me to glory."

Who said "God is more willing to forgive than we are to be forgiven?" I sure do miss my brain! Isn't that a wonderful saying! While we were gone to California, and on the long plane flight, I did thinking and memories popped up...One is when my Grandma and Grandpa used to entertain visiting preachers, even had a "preacher room" for them to stay in. At one of the dinners, my uncle (who was about 5 years old) held up his napkin and asked "Mama what is this?" My grandmother was very embarrassed because she always had napkins. When I was growing up, she always had cloth napkins for every meal, usually ones she had made.

Daddy was a preacher and also an "artist" (of sorts). He would go out in the country to a small church and paint the baptistery for them. It was always a mountain in the background and a few hills, meadow and a stream coming to the front. It was always pretty and he derived great pleasure from this. He was a man of many talents, wrote poems, tried at short stories, played the violin, painted and sang very well. What a really wonderful heritage we girls had. Mama was an accomplished pianist and loved to do embroidery. She was like the southern belles who sat in the afternoon and did hand work.

When we had our Bed and Breakfast, many years ago, a guest just happened to tell me she had lost a young son in a bicycle wreck. I had told her we had our middle child to die and then I said, "but the comfort is we will see them again in heaven". This lady said "I don't believe in heaven" and I just went "cold" and all I could say was "Oh my dear".

Our precious Lord gives us families and memories, blessings of health, and blessings when we are sick. " Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me to glory." Psalm 73:23-24

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  1. Barbara Johnson-ClarkMay 11, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    Hi Bev,
    So glad John and you are safely back home and had an awe-inspiring trip to Malibu for the lectures. That opportunity is a rare privilege and can only be properly appreciated by someone like you. Thank you more than I can ever say for agreeing to be Meg's college mentor. What sage advice and pearls of wisdom you will share, and more importantly perhaps, what fun you two shall have together over those Saturday lunches now and then. She'll look so forward to emails and snail mails from you, too. Meg is mentally patterning her life after you in many ways. She so admires your strength and courage. So do I! See you Sunday,