Monday, October 24, 2011

"Give us aid against the enemy..."

well I just lost 2/3 of my post...only the first paragraph came thru. I really have a tough time with this computer some days. I could never remember what all I had written but it was a lot and I hate I lost it. Psalm 108:12 was my verse for today, "Give us aid against the enemy for the help of man is worthless."

I think I was telling how I am putting the first year and a half of the blog into a book . A friend who has several books is helping me by editing and then I am rewriting some of it, making it more readable hopefully. Any reader of this blog who can sign up as a follower, might help make the book more readable. I think to get to the blog, you sign into Google then http// to get into the blog.

I don't want to repeat but I was also telling how after nearly 8 years of that many chemos, 5 surgeries, lots of medicines, pain, I can really see God's blessings in our lives, see how He is with us, and know I am alive only by Him. I am not a
"pollyanna", I scream and cry and would kick the floor if I could get back up. I had one of those scream/cry sesions last week (I do this in the shower so John does not hear me) and when I was in bed, praying, I heard God say, "I have been with you always and I will not leave you now." This was a very defining moment in my life. I knew this but I really felt and heard these words inside my soul. I have so much wrong with me and each day of life is a gift from God for His reasons. Thank you friends and family for following this blog and praying for us, thank you for care and love. Blessings and love to you all.

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  1. ...and blessings and love to both of you, too. I am so grateful that you are putting your blog into book form - I have printed many pages of it so far, perhaps the first six months of this year I think, but I think a book starting at the very beginning would be a real treasure. The Bible verses, the stories, the history, recipes, trials and triumphs - they're all there, and very precious to so many people. I just hope that the entries continue long enough to have a series! You remember so much detail and the special way that you tell your life stories almost makes me feel that I was there, too. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your life, the great times along with the very difficult ones. It is a great gift that you have given any one that knows you.