Thursday, October 27, 2011

"I'm asking God for one live with Him..."

Each week just flies, and I wonder where the days go. I feel like my life is flying away and I want to just hold onto it and slow down the days. This has been the most beautiful fall, with leaves more colorful every day and flowers just continuing to bloom! My zinnias and marigolds are just larger and more full of blooms than all summer....but as of today, the rain and cool weather may end all that. Would you believe, John got his veggie bed (the 6x8bed) ready for spring, and let me plant pansies there for the winter. There are two potatoes coming up in the middle of this bed! Left over from spring! So we might have early potatoes!!!How funny!

We only had two doctors this week but it seems the day is consumed. I have still been nauseous, and my throat is still raw in the back of it. This makes everything I swallow hurt. It kind of discourages eating! Other than nausea and arthritis pain, I am just tired, and make myself do most everything I do. I stay fairly busy with the commercial sewing and did have fun making three of the greats dresses. I pray to live long enough for the greats to remember me. Our primary doctor did tell me "I am amazing". That was nice to hear! After seeing the ultrasound last week and how many cancer tumors there are in my liver, this doctor said "you can live with 10
% of your liver" that was very comforting.

I love the Message and its' straightforward approach to the Bible. In Psalm 27, it says..."I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with Him in His house my life long. I'll contemplate His beauty, I'll study at His feet."
Calmness from a stress filled life!

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