Monday, October 10, 2011

"Seek the Lord while He may be found..."

I have hated to blog, because I have been in pain every night. I just do not like to be negative, and repetitious. About 11:00 or midnight, after I have gotten good and asleep, the pain will hit and I lie there, thinking (why?) it might go away, but finally get up, take the strongest pain pill and go to the couch. For some reason, the couch lets my back go down in the middle and this must relieve the whatever is mashing on whatever and causing the pain. I can go back to sleep and usually sleep all night. The other scenario is when the pain meds keep me awake most of the night. I will never figure this one out. I do get lots of prayer time during these nights!

I was going thru some old photos, seeing pictures of many who are deceased (younger than me, and this was in the 90's), my sister, uncles, aunts, friends, surely is good to not know what is going to happen. We all were so happy in these pictures.

A few of family "girls" were here for brunch today..Isn't family wonderful!

John has had a terrible crick in his neck for several days, and he is just miserable!
We got the gardening done just before this hit both of us. Maybe that is why it did??? Oh well, we will get over it. This is funny---John has his veggie garden ready for the spring, fresh good dirt in it...and a potato coming up in the middle of it!

I know tonight is going to be a bad night so I will take a pill before I go to bed.
I pray all will "Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near." Isaiah 55:6

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