Monday, October 24, 2011

Lately several new friends are saying they are getting into this blog. I wish I knew how to get into it better and especially How to sign up as a "follower". Most of you may not know I am in the process of putting the first year and a half of the blog into a book. A friend who has authored several books is helping me, editing, etc. So many people have cancer or family members who do so, and we feel there would be a need for this type of book. I feel an urgency to get it out there, to let anyone know that your life does not end with a diagnosis of cancer, you can cope and your Father in Heaven is with you always!!! I have transitioned through many days of pain, surgeries, chemos, medicines, and I can assuridly say I feel God's presence more each day. I think of family and friends and things they deal with and I trulyfully say, I would not swap places with any of them. I am not a pollyanna! I scream and cry sometimes.

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