Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Do not forget to entertain strangers..."

"...for in so doing, some people have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2
Years ago, our children were small, and this young man suddenly appeared at our garage asking if he could work for food. John told him there was no work needed and I said I will fix you a sandwich. I hurried up stairs, had ONE piece of lunch meat and ONE can coke. I made him a sack lunch and gave it to him. He thanked us and walked away. John said "give him my older raincoat". I ran and got it and the man was NOWHERE!!! We looked up and down the road and everywhere and he was GONE! He was our angel, we think.
Tonight I am looking at Grandma's little ledger, full of handwritten recipes, again all from those long gone, friends and relatives of years ago. Here is a recipe for "beaten biscuit"---does anyone even know what beaten biscuits are? Here is a "chocolate almond cake", and one of Grandma's sister's recipe for fruit cake...does anyone make fruitcake anymore?
I would go by and have lunch with Grandma often and she would have different little things--like, a lettuce leaf, a banana sliced in half and crushed peanuts on top with a little mayonnaise. This sounds strange but I remember it being very good.
I see names of long dead cousins, I had forgotten even existed. But they were all good cooks and their recipes here testify to such. In my mind's eye, now I see them and remember them being at those famous "bowl dinners" I have told you about.
Hospitality has always been a great part of my family and I love that heritage.
My feet are still swollen today--this is something new this cycle..wonder why this is happening? I will tell them next Wednesday. I don't want to interrupt my "week-off" with any thing!
Other than that I feel normal and am enjoying this feeling.

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