Monday, June 21, 2010

"I love you, O Lord, my fortress..."

"...and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and my salvation..." Psalm 18:1-2
If nothing else goes wrong, we might close on the house tomorrow. When it is over, I will tell all about it.
If nothing goes wrong, I should start preparations for the new chemo this Wednesday (MRI's and whatever else) I am praying God keeps us under His wings and keeps satan away from our family. One of our greats has surgery tomorrow and I am praying for his safety and success in this surgery.
While we were with family, we talked about the kin in Alabama. They were John's Dad's brother and his family. Others lived there part of the years. The family back in the early 1800's started their home there in Alabama close to the Tennessee line. But this uncle of John's and his wife and children, had several large farms (they kept getting bought out by large corporations) and there were two main ones John's family went to, for two years during the depression and all through the years, at least once a year. The one I knew best was about 1500 acres, had a dairy farm, grew corn, and lots of other things. They also sold off pine trees ( and fox hunted when the weather was cool). The house was (and still is) like a plantation. It was built for a large corporate family back in the late 1800's and our relatives bought it in the 1950's.Some of their family still is there.
Going there was like a dream vacation--each bedroom had its own bath, there were shutter doors to keep air circulating, the main meal was at noon each day and they everyone took a nap...their men returning to the fields for the rest of the day. What wonderful food was on that table each day and all fresh out of the garden. John's aunt always made a fresh cake each day while her cook was preparing the main meal. I have several of her recipes and they are so good! Our children learned to drive at age 8 or so as the uncle took them out in a field and a pick-up truck and let them drive around! What fun!!! There were a bunch of houses out in the back field there and all the workmen lived there.
Just more of the really great times with cousins and other relatives. These families grew up working hard but were very successful, starting out with very little, but realizing many blessings along the way.

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