Saturday, June 12, 2010

God's love and justice...

"I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing praises." Psalm 101:1
When I wrote yesterday's blog, I hit the wrong key and it was finished before I meant for it to be and I did not know how to pull it back and edit it..therefore the errors...I will not ever learn I do not think!!!
O well---today, was the end of the "moving sales" and all our "unwanted possessions" went to Good Will. The lady doing the second sale, was there three days and today was the end of all our "stuff". It really hurt to see 3 trucks loading up things no one wanted, and I wanted to cry, "wait, I want that", but I did not. I do not believe any of our family truly knows how painful this has been. We have a lovely, well appointed apartment, with every beautiful fixture anyone would need, lovely "things" surrounding us, but I could cry to see family dishes, little things, linens, just carted off to the final place.
We have all we need and more. I hope God forgives me for being sad at this. There comes a time when we come down to ,like Grandma did ,with her one small basket. (In the nursing home, all her special things were carried in her little basket) There is a lesson in that---we only have possessions "on loan" for a while, and we shall carry nothing with us when we leave this life. Down sizing is just another step along the way.
So I ask forgiveness for greed, wanting what I don't need, and being unappreciative of the blessings we have. God is so good and gives us our every need.
Another day without chemo is a "day full of sunshine!" I am enjoying having a month off the "poison" but also anxious to get the new kind and see what it can do to these liver tumors. That will start the week of June 28..a month from the last chemo.
Have a blessed weekend.

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