Friday, June 11, 2010

my hope, o Lord

On TuesdayI was writing this blog and all of a sudden, everything was dead---no keyboard, no E mail, nothing, so it took several days to get my friend who is a computer guru here and we had several problems which I hope are fixed now!
I had my CT on Wednesday and on Thursday saw my oncologist. The liver tumors ( three of them) are growing, not good. Also, the chemo I was on was not doing its job, so we are off that. There is a new (first study) chemo just for liver cancer (or cancers in the liver) and there was one space left in that study (isn't God wonderful, how He provides?!). I will start on the getting ready for it, three MRI's, ekg, lots of blood work, etc on week of June 21, then start this chemo on June 28-29. This runs for 8 weeks then a CT to see how it is doing. This will be my 7th chemo in a little over 6 years. I am tired ot all this but then I get excited at the possibility of a "cure" or a remission, or a discovery of something wonderful where cancer is concerned.
I have one more cookbook to tell about. This is a Kerr Mason Jar booklett given away when these jars were bought. It has been well used. I can remember Grandma and her sisters making "chow-chow" ( a wonderful way to use your green tomatoes at the end of the season) or 13 day pickle (where you use a very large crock and fill it with cucubers and change the vinegar/water/salt mixture everyday for 12 days, then make your pickle recipe and finish the wonderful ready to eat pickle!
The booklett is well used and falling apart. Does anyone still "can" preserves and pickles like this? They sure were good.
Psalm 71 says in verse 5, "For you have been my hope O sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth."

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