Monday, June 7, 2010

How great is {His } love...

I talked to one of my nurses at SCRC (Sara Cannon Research Center) where I am so blessed to get the chemo...I know, I am a guinea pig, but the tests cost me nothing and just think of that wonderful blessing. Along the way what if we discover a wondrous cure for a certain cancer? That would be amazing. I probably cannot get well anyway, even though I have survived going on 7 years now, so I might as well be a useful human being, medical-wise! Well, the nurse said I might as well just wait and come in Thursday at the Dr visit time/chemo start another cycle time.
I get nervous when the CT time draws near...what will it show? I am still tired from just everything this past month. I am sure I am not the strongest, and all this moving and stress and nerves strung out. When I am tired I think "can I do another chemo?" and "Do I really want to live like this, doing doctor stuff all the time?"
So far, every time, there is enough going on in our lives that I would hate to miss out on, so here we go again!!!!!
I John 3:1 tells us "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!"

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  1. Praying God will sing over you today. It takes so much energy to just get dressed and mentally prepare for chemo. I sat with friends during their therapy and had NO clue about what it took just to get there. You Go Bev - God Bless and keep you ever close.
    lovingly, kathryn
    My God is sufficient for the day. I'm glad He is.