Thursday, January 21, 2010

more snow and ice!!!

While talking about the "blizzard" last night, John and I were talking about an adventure in the 90's during a big ice storm here. I don't remember the amount of ice but it was a deep ice storm, that paralyzed our area for days. All trees were bent over and broken, many of ours had to be cut down later. Electricity was out for days. For some strange reason, our street had an electric transformer over beyond other houses and inside a woods, which meant we WERE THE LAST HOUSE TO BE RESTORED!!! The electric company could not get over in this woods to get to the transformer, so we had no electricity for 11 days!!! After about 4-5 days, our neighbors had lights! Our streets thawed! We just had NO LIGHTS! So we lived an adventure for those days. We had water, a Vermont Castings wood stove, and a kerosene heater (used very sparingly).
We closed off part of the house and some heat went up the stairs to our bedroom, we cooked soups and oatmeal, etc. on the wood stove. Most nights, we drove to friends and family for dinner and to take showers.It really "hurt" to see the lights all around us and our having none! But we had fun. We would go to bed about dark, pile on lots of blankets, and listen to books on tape on a battery radio.
Every time, I would go through a room, I would turn on the lights!!!Funny how habits are there.
At this time, we had a B&B in our home, but luckily had no customers at that time (could not manage it anyway!) It only takes nature a few minutes to put us back to candles and firelight!
God always will [bring] "us out of darkness and deepest gloom...Let us give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love"...Psalms 107... and my eternal thankfulness and love for our God who heals and never fails.

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