Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"...we have peace with God..."

Another day, trying to heal, weak and shaky but reading better each day for which I am very thankful! As we ate dinner, John said he thinks I am at peace more and not so worried about having this cancer.I told him, and I do feel, like all of a sudden, I just feel at peace.I feel that no matter what, I am in God's hands and that He is really for the first time in my life, taking hold of me and says, "here I am, my child and I am taking care of you."...boy I am a slow learner...The awesome feeling last Sunday during the prayer sacrament really left an awareness that lifted us all up to a higher plain.
None of us know how long we will live and we really have no control over this part of our being. We worry all our lives, do all we can to live longer, and when you totally turn all this over to God and know His will, it really takes away the stress. I love life and family and living and want to live as long as He will allow me to. I pray I can reach others and show that even with cancer, life is good, we can do much to glorify God and lead others to know this glory.
"...since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God..." Romans 5:1

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  1. Sweet relief and release. I've not had to go through your situation, but I know that in smaller things when I let go, it's like giving God the go-ahead to funnel in peace.

    Rest in the knowledge that God is love.