Saturday, January 30, 2010

"When God created man, He created him in the lifeness of God"

"He created them male and female and blessed them. An when they were created, He called them 'man'." Genesis 5:1-2
While I am going through my scrapbooks, I decided, since I feel pretty much "normal" for now, that I will talk about mine and John's parents, maybe telling information our children do not know, and those of you who are friends, maybe you will find some interest in these items about our parents.
I told already how Daddy was totally so in love with Mama, he was her hero always. Daddy was a poet, an artist, we was a businessman, teacher, politician, and a preacher ; he had just too many interests to be confined into one "pigeonhole".
When Mama was ready for college, she sat out a year to wait for her best friend so they could go together to Tennessee Tech. Was this fate or what. These two friends soon met a bunch of new friends and their cousins from the Cookeville area and soon were introduced to Jim...soon to be my dad. Mama's friend actually had the first date with Jim, but soon, Mama snatched Jim's picture off the dresser or the friend, and soon, there was no doubt who he was smitten with. When Grandma and Grandpa came to Cookeville for some meeting on campus, they could not find Mama and found her behind a bush, kissing Daddy. Also, she found herself in class without a needed notebook and guess who got the notebook, and pled her case with the teacher,... After Mama's first year in college, and Daddy's third year there, they were married in 1933.
I have many poems he wrote---and there were many letters and drawings sent when he was in Europe in World Way II.
Here is a short poem---realize he was probably very much besot in love at the time!!!!
"In dreams I vision a place so fair
Where lovers are ever true
Where one may know never a care..
And the sky is the bluest blue.
There's a little corner in this fair spot
That's fairer than others all,
Oh, come and disappoint me not..
Oh, love, please answer my call."

My dad, man of God, wonderful husband, character that we three girls all looked for in husbands, and Mama's hero. I think he was created in many images that God was please with.

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