Sunday, January 24, 2010

"The precepts of the Lord are right...the law of the Lord is perfect..."

This was a great Sunday---I got to go to Sunday school and church, for the first time in several months. In Psalm 19, David says "The law of the Lord is perfect...the precepts of the Lord are right..." he goes on to describe many attributes of our Lord...all perfect, all being in the right relationship to life.
Going to church was very tiring and I slept all afternoon. It is amazing how little things tire you after brain surgery! I thought I was tougher that this! Oh well, it takes time.
In my ramblings since I cannot do normal things, I look for things to do,so I drug out an old scrapbook I have worked on for YEARS! I have three of these scrapbooks, they are in no chronological order, and have no rime or reason. When I save an article from a newspaper, a wedding invitation, a child's hand made card ( from 50 years ago), old letters, death notices, you name it....this is a family history!!!I am about ready for number four scrapbook!
So looking through this, I found letters from 1915. My grandma had a baby, age 17 months old, to die in his "second summer". Babies used to die about this age, cutting stomach and eye teeth, maybe not properly nourished, and the summer heat...who knows, but it was a malady of that era. I have these letters from her brothers and sisters, from Grandpa's family and from business friends. All so sad. When I was growing up, we would talk about "Little Horace Edgar", as we was always called --this baby who did not survive. He was my Mother's brother. Grandma would talk about him and she would cry and as a child, I wondered why she was still sad, after 30 years or more. They I grew up and when our Johny died at age 29, and even though it has been nearly that long for his being gone, I see how you never really get over the loss of a child. I think I especially love the poignancy and the timelessness of the way love and sorrow mix in families and how our strength carries us through... and God supplies all our needs and He is always there and perfect.
I pray for more strength this week.

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