Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lord has heard my cry....

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Monday I had an MRI that showed a brain tumor as large as my thumb. I was so distraught. The bleeding it had caused left me unable to articulate. My nurse asked if I had false teeth and I said, "No, but I have...," I could not think. Several nearby patients tried to help me find my words. It was like playing charades. Finally we found "crown" and everyone applauded. I sat down and cried... and I cried all through the MRI. It was a hard day.
Tuesday I had surgery, and when the doctor opened up my brain, NO TUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!! God had taken it from me!!!!!!!! It was a glorious day! The surgeon then performed a good bloodletting and brainwashing all at once! He's very talented that way. Then it was on to ICU for a day and a half, then on to a room, then on home the next day. After all, I've to much to do to idle away in the hospital, plus I had to get away from all those sick people! Now I have permanent titanium screws in my head and staples holding a plate in place for the next two weeks. I am really anxious to hear the pathology results and to find out more about the disappearing cyst soon. Prayerfully, I'll fully recover from this setback after a year or so, but its really difficult for me not being able to read. Its so strange that I can formulate words like these but cannot read or write them. The doctor says practice will help, but I sure do miss reading books in the meantime, which I love to do so much! When I write, I seem to be writing normally, but when I read back what I wrote all the letters are jumbled. Spell check never came in so handy!
Anyway, this turned out to be just another stop on my cancer trip, but there's no place like home! So, as far as the liver tumors and chemo are concerned, I'll let those rest for a month or two to resume a "normal" life before I "hit it [the road] again." I really needed this hiatus from the the tough rounds of chemo. Rather than wall-hugging nausea and exhaustion all the time, my wonderful and caring oncologist is ordering John and I to take some semblance of our old life back and call him in two!

Psalm 6:9
The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer.


  1. We are all so happy for this news! Love!

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