Monday, January 18, 2010

"Oh may all your enemies perish..."

"Oh may all your enemies perish, O Lord! But may they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength." Judges 5"31...this verse was sent to me by a new friend I met on this blog. I love "finding" new verses that especially speak to my soul. Today was another dull, sleepy day...I cannot wait to be "normal" again. I told my daughter today to send me some sewing work to do!
In my lazy, lying around day, I was thinking about the fun trips we took all the grandchildren as they grew up. Each summer we would take four or five of them somewhere, camping or Florida or the mountains, bikes in tow, usually for about a week, many times to our favorite place, Falls Creek Falls Park here in Tennessee. There is a swimming hole there which says "no swimming" but of course is every ones favorite place. There is a space to go across to a flat rock under the water and when you are old enough and able to swim that far, you have made it to "THE ROCK"...this is a major achievement. Above this rock is a climb up to a jumping off rock and you don't touch the bottom when you jump in. At the very top rock was waterfalls (great sliding) that wore out many a swim suit! Also, there was an area to climb around under the waterfall, and be back in a very special "hiding place". What a wonderful paradise this is. It was so special and we will never do this again but have lots of fond memories and pictures. One year the water was really high and we would catch each other as we floated down the water was scare, exciting, fun and we sure had to be CAUGHT as you went down the water!
One by one, as grandchildren grew up and got jobs and quit going on the trips, it wended down to just John and I and one grandchild..we think of that last trip so fondly. They five grandchildren are married and many have the seven greats whom we adore.

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  1. Oh, Bev, how good to hear your voice once again in this are the come-back queen. May God grant a long reign, my dear friend. Still praying and praising for your good news, and I'm asking for even more....Cathy