Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Do not be anxious about anything..."

"...but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."... Philippians 4:6

We wonder and worry about what might happen, what we know is going to take place, and even when praying, and trusting God for His care, our human nature worries. The past few days, there have been such evidence of God taking care of us---one of our tiny cousins in Missouri had serious surgery to re-do part of an organ and she, even in such serious surgery, is doing very well, and will most likely be in better health. Our friend, Gene, in Florida who had the surgery for esophageal cancer, is back at work and riding his bicycle (19 miles) and going fishing again---God has miraculously taken care of him and his anxious family for the past number of months. How wonderful is prayer and the resulting answers, and how thankful we are for such. We have more cousins who are missionaries in Turkey and trying to leave there to go to Thailand so we are in prayer for them and their safety.
John had his heart (battery replacement) minor surgery but it is always frightening when "they take you away". He did so well, for which we are thankful.
I got my schedule today for the next two weeks, beginning next Monday --eye exam (this new chemo can damage the eyes), heart echo, CT, see two doctors, labs two days, and finally start the drug on October 5. So I must not be anxious--I know there is a reason this was delayed for nearly a month! I am trusting in God and His care...and not being anxious!

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