Monday, September 6, 2010

"To you, O Lord, I called..."

This has been quite a weekend! Saturday we got to be with our oldest grandson, his wife and their three children (our greats). Today, we were at my sister's and with three nephews, wives and another granddaughter and all their babies (four this time)...Tonight, we were with a granddaughter for her birthday, her husband, another grandson and his daughter (her mother had to work) who is our oldest great....and of course our daughter and son-in-law. (we all live here , so we have lots of family dinners now.)
We did lots more yard work today, lots more to do, since we left our "gardens" at the other house. We brought some flowers but it was too hard to bring as many as I wanted to and the flower beds needed fixing up and soil added, so this is a work in progress. I saw my ex-neighbor and he said "all your flowers are dead" which was not very nice and made me sad, I had worked on those flower beds for 11 years! Oh, well, maybe I need to be busy!
Tomorrow is the day of decision regarding the chemo so I will know more tomorrow night.
This Bible passage from Psalm 30 I have marked in my bible, that These verses were important when God healed my cancer. He did it then, He can do it again, I know. I will claim these verses tonight and claim His choosing the perfect chemo tomorrow!!!

Psalm 30: 8-10 "To you, O Lord, I called; to the Lord I called for mercy; What gain is there in my destruction, in my going down into the pit? Will the dust praise you? Will it proclaim your faithfulness? Hear, O Lord, and be merciful to me; O, Lord, be my help." ...and the last half of verse 12, "O, Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever."


  1. Praying for peace and for God's will today, Bev.
    I claimed YOUR verse as well...and had re-read it last night. It made me smile to on your blog this morning.
    God bless your day with his tender touch,

  2. Barbara Johnson-ClarkSeptember 7, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    Well, how funny. Your verse has struck home with an audience. I, too, have claimed your verse, and I have it posted on my computer monitor for reading again and again until our family is healed. Bev, you know Alan and I pray for you daily, and last night we prayed especially for the offerings you would have today of chemos, and for your ability to make the best decision for you. God DOES have it within His power to kick this cancer, and as I have said from the beginning, I BELIEVE He is going to do just that! Praise God...He is so good. We love you and cannot wait for the outcome of this day to be posted for our eyes to see. Thinking of John's pacemaker, too.
    Love you!