Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"...let your heart give you joy..."

I was sitting in our living room area tonight and looking at the various pieces of furniture. We have bought some furniture over the years but so much was given to us by parents and my grandmother that as we acquired these we gave the "new" things to grandchildren or sold them. In our area is an armoire that was John's parents. For years it sat on their back porch, the cat had kittens in the drawers, garden tools were in it, etc...When we got it, a friend refinished the "gray worn" to a wonderful honey finish. It is put together with pegs and must be close to 150 years old at least. It used to have mirrors in the doors. Now it houses our TV and Cd's and collectibles.
An old rectangle trunk serves as a coffee table (since it is smaller than our coffee tables which we gave to children). It has "Nashville Trunk and Bag" in a plaque on the front which was an old luggage/bags/trunk company here in Nashville. When I was small it was in Grandma's attic and full of various things she was saving. I used to play on top of it and now it is my treasure holder--some of Johny's favorite things, and my cross stitch. It must be about 100 years old.
Our "kitchen" table is an old walnut gate leg table that seats was my great aunt and uncle's DINING ROOM table! When they died (their only child had died young) we were able to get this table, since no one else really needed it. John refinished it and we have used it for about 50 years. This aunt and uncle would be about 140 years old if living, so the table is really old.
A wonderful gold, oval mirror (beveled) came from Mama and to her from her aunt and before that to this aunt from her in-laws who came from Scotland. We also have a low chest that was theirs, which is either maple or poplar. It has signs of having had another piece on top, like shelves or something. The history and family love involved in each piece of furniture means so much. We are so thankful to have these pieces of furniture
Ecclesiastes 11:8-9 "However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them happy young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth..."
Well we are no longer "young" but our hearts still give us joy...what a blessing!

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