Friday, September 17, 2010

"They praise you..."

Isaiah 38:19..." The living, the living---they praise you, as I am doing today; Fathers tell their children about your faithfulness."

John and I had a "date day" today. When we first retired and/or quit work (outside the home) we realized that day follows day and soon, we hardly did anything "fun". So we started taking most every Friday as our "date day", a day just for us, whether we did yard work, went to a movie, did antiquing, had lunch out, or explored a small town close by, this was our day just for us. It has worked for these 25 years now and we still for the most part maintain this day as ours. For the last several months, we lost out on it, with illness, moving, getting settled, etc. we had let it slip away, so today we started back with our special day.

We left home this morning about 9:30 and drove to a small town about 50 miles away, Bell Buckle, TN. We walked in all the shops (the town is about three blocks long) and ate lunch in the Cafe then drove home after going by another small remains of a town, called Christiana which is even smaller, but does have a great place to eat (we have been there before) called Miller's Grocery. Amazingly, these towns have live music on weekend nights and (we have heard) really pack people in. So our day out was fun and we somehow talk more when we are sitting across the table in a restaurant like that than we do at home. We make lists of things to do, or places to go. Anyhow, we always praise God for the times John and I have together.

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  1. I love how y'all have dates! A favorite memory of getting spend those dates with y'all! :) Love you both!