Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jesus, .."the Bright and Morning Star.."

Two days ago, talking about chemo being our last "stand" since there are no more options, and that "God is my last hope", I should have said GOD IS MY FIRST AND ONLY HOPE. Revelation 22:13, 16.. Jesus says "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Jesus is the "Bright and Morning Star."

I had the Red rat poison today, with steroid first. I did take a small nap today but went to art class, and at 10 PM I am still going strong. I know the bottom will fall out maybe tomorrow. My children called and checked up on me today and that is always good. I love talking to my son since this we do not talk alot. I love living next to our daughter and son in law and having this companionship.

Aren't memories funny how something 70 years ago will just pop into your mind! As an only child for nine years, I went just about everywhere Mama and Daddy went. When I was young there was a local movie theatre close by and we would go there. They had a special Friday night called "Bank Night" and people would win prizes, one night Mama won, don't remember what. Then one night they wanted to see this Lon Chaney movie about a "Weer Wolf" and I guess Grandma could not keep me so they took me and had me go to sleep in their laps. Just at the height of the movie, when the wolf leaped over the gate, I raised up. Mama said "she did not see it" I said "yes I did!" and to this day, I can remember that scene!

I am due for the next chemo in mid August then an MRI to see what is happening. God is my deliverer, my hope, my savior.

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