Thursday, December 24, 2009

A cat called "mouse"

First of all, you have to understand our family--we have a really weird sense of humor and laugh at really non-laughable things--our way of dealing with life that sometimes hurts and we laugh so we can handle it. Secondly, you would have had to know our Johny to understand how "nearly normal" he was, and how much fun we all had, sometimes at his expense because he enjoyed teasing and laughing also. (He was diagnosed "brain-injured", finally, after years of searching, at about age 7 or 8). But as the children grew up, we expected his behavior to be normal as the other two were so we had lots of fun stuff we remember.
We had a gray angora cat and Johny named him "mouse" because the cat was really mouse colored, and the cat would run and hide when Johny would come in and holler "mouse"! The poor cat had a wretched life when ever he was caught and "loved" on. One day, some church ladies came for hot cocoa and cookies, Johny was on the back porch eating his cocoa with marshmallow, and holding the cat---he came in and reached for a cookie with hands COVERED with cat fur! Needless to say, not a lady there ate a cookie after that!
Johny loved snow and watched incessantly for it during winter. One day especially, every time I looked he was holding the back door open looking for snow, with my saying "close the door!". After several hours of our heating the outside, God must have taken pity on us and a few snow flakes fell, just enough to satisfy our Johny and make him happy!
A favorite trick the other children would do is knock under the table and ring a jingle bell and say "oh, is that Santa?" and Johny would get really excited and look out the window for Santa to be there any minute.
You may think our family is weird, but we have these wonderful memories and Johny had so much fun and he loved Christmas above all other times of the year. He relished every minute of it and when he died, he took part of the "color" from this time of the year. We would go friend's open houses and Johny knew everyone there, looking forward to this every Christmas, cherishing these friendships for all of his 29 years.
So this part of the joy of Christmas lives on in our memories, and we smile remembering Johny and his cat called "Mouse".
I think God looks on us and smiles at our sadness and memories and comforts us in all our weaknesses , especially as He sent His son to save us all...."and the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken..." Isaiah 40:5........Merry Christmas!

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