Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chemo Day

I realize this is the second blog for this day---the other one was a "catch-up" of sorts. Today was an answer to prayer for me to be able to start the second round of chemo. I will hopefully have another one next Tuesday, December 8 (depending on white cell count) and then a PET on December 21 to determine how I am doing and if the cancer is receding. If the chemo is working, I will start another round on December 22.
I had a really good day (if a chemo day can be good?) and was not sick at all. Tomorrow will tell the tale, of course. I will start taking the zofran tonight to prevent the nausea. My hair is beginning to thin quite a bit (eyelashes gone already) so wig day is coming soon. I feel blessed beyond measure, for treatments, doctors, nurses and my husband who is my rock...besides the friends, and church families. I have echo heart tests each week because the experimental can do heart damage. My nurse there today, Connie, about who I wrote several weeks ago, told me today she and her husband are blessed with the adoption of two children ( siblings) and the "wow" experiences of having this family this Christmas. God and His goodness is everywhere. I am praying for a good day tomorrow, and for our families and our grandchildren, who are awestruck with the wonder of Christmas. Continuing with Luke 1:46, ...my spirit rejoices with God, my Savior.." REJOICE!

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