Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friendship and "peace"

Two days ago John and I (on our way to another doctor appointment) stopped and ate lunch at a very special tea room/restaurant, called the "Picnic". About 25 years ago, John and I did some craft shows, I did weaving, and he made bird houses and beautiful "jelly cupboards", copying antique ones. We had set up at a school out in Green Hills and a young lady at another booth, came over and asked if he could make her a hat rack. He did and next she asked if he could make picnic tables and benches. He did and we painted them blue and white with stenciling around the tops of the benches. This was the start of a beautiful friendship. Her name is Cathy and she was starting this tearoom, at that time in a corner of a drug store. Over the years, John has done several craft things for her, one was building her daughter a Victorian play house--and I did some children's sewing for her. We have stayed in touch over the years and her tea room is very successful in its own building now . A specialty there is chicken salad. Her "Momma" still works with her and they really have the best, truly southern, homemade every thing! Our precious friend treated us to lunch and is still as special as she has always been. She is another blessing added to our lives over the years.
As several noticed, I did not write yesterday. I went to a radiologist and he found two new tumors and is going to do a series of three radiations beginning next week. I was just really upset...(I know "do not be anxious") but sometimes I just cannot help being blue when it seems the cancer is getting ahead of me. I feel better today and optimistic again. "The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7
I have started back in art class for two weeks now and that is a joy to be back with friends there. John has to take me--cannot wait to drive again!!! These friends there are so supportive and encouraging--I call them "my other care group"..(like our care group at church). A friend came and took me out for lunch today , and a chance to get out and talk. Another friend came by this afternoon and brought Valentine cookies. So as I often say, I am truly blessed. Thank you God for providing all I need... loving friends, wonderful doctors, blessed family.

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