Sunday, February 21, 2010

The majesty of God

"Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!" Psalm 8, and Psalm 9, "The Lord is a refuge in times of trouble..."
This was another good day to go to church, then walk this afternoon, but the rain is back. Tonight, we watched Forest Gump, the movie, and marveled at the mannerisms Tom Hanks affected, that were exactly like our son, Johny, had. John and I felt almost like we were looking at Johny (who has been deceased for 25 years). The actor stood, with his hands on his waist, EXACTLY like Johny did, he walked the same way, he had mouth mannerisms the same...I felt like Tom Hanks had stood and watched our Johny before he made this movie.
None of us knows what will happen tomorrow. This movie we watched has nothing to do with anything except it brought tears of remembrance to our eyes. I look at our babies in the family and their perfection and praise God for this.
I know I am rambling, bouncing from one thing to another...God is so good to give us our blessings of each day, grace for the moment, and He is indeed our refuge. One look at each day indicates His majesty. This will be a busy week coming up. I have my second radiation, and wonder how it will affect me. I hope I don't get more tired or difficult to live with. John hopes I will be in better humor this next do I...I hate feeling "out of sorts". He says I have every right to be "out of sorts" after all I have been through...What a man!!!

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