Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"A woman who fears the Lord..."

"A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised..." Proverbs 31:30 Well this is my last "story" about our parents...telling about John's Mother...whom I called Gran.. Last night, I touched on how she and Grandad met and married. She was one of seven children, adored by her father. (He had four boys and three girls, but loved his girls best of all...)The family's first home was in Edenwold, near the rail road, and the old Swinging Bridge (in the early 1900's the only way to get from Nashville and Madison over to Old Hickory). This home burned and they rebuilt out on Gallatin Road, where Gran's father bought quite a few acres. This time he build a large clapboard home, similar to the Hermitage. He had Iris up a long rock path and all along the Gallatin road and another long rock wall all up the property. So this is where Gran grew up...in a prosperous beautiful home. (Her mother had died after giving birth to her and one sister. Her father married again and had another girl and the four boys. All these were born down in Edenwold,); then he married a third time after they moved to Gallatin road.
When Gran's sister married and moved to Washington, DC, Gran lived with her awhile and dated many government officials but soon tired of this life and came back to Nashville where she met Grandad and they soon married. About this time, her father's second home burned and all goods in the house were lost! She had the two boys, and their family build a home on part of her father's land. When the depression came along, Gran went to school at Watkins and learned millinery. She became one of Nashville,s foremost milliners, working for McHenry Hats in the old Lovemans downtown. John remembers her working for 50c a day.
When the older son died, Gran was thrown into severe physical and emotional problems which she never recovered from. She functioned normally but the joy was gone from her life. She enjoyed our three children but John's cousins tell us she was a different personality after that death.
When Grandad died, part of her did also and she only lived two more years. She was a beautiful young woman and an energetic young mother and wife. I was always sorry I did not know her and the fun loving, sparkling person she had been.

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