Saturday, February 13, 2010

Praying and believing

Tonight I feel like rambling...our cousin Anna, is out of the hospital and doing much better with her newly discovered bone cancer. We hope and pray she can go back to her apartment but that is yet to be seen. Home health care does not permit one her age to drive and go to the hamburger drive in every night! What a joy to be that age and have such a zest for life!
We had dinner with old high school friends tonight, and "when did we get old"?????? We talked about who had died and who the widow or widower is dating? What newly discovered disease does everyone we know have now? And how much does your medicine cost? Does your Medicare D cover that? and so on....things we swore we would never do or talk about!!!
One thing for sure, having cancer definitely does set ones priorities on a different "plane"; so does having a sick child, or any life altering event, like the loss of a child or grandchild.
Life gets tough sometimes. People tell me I handle this so well. I do have times I cry and get really upset, but then I get over it and back to enjoying life.
Next week, I may not be able to do this blog because of John's being in the hospital and my not being here much. I will catch this up when I get a chance.
In Mark 11:24 Jesus tells us.."whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.".. my John prays for the healing of all my cancer and thanks God for this healing...I feel so blessed for a husband who is such a believer and such a support for me.

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