Friday, February 26, 2010

"The Lord...has been good to me."

Our granddaughter and her husband and three boys (ages 5-4 months) have been sick all winter! They get over one thing and another seems to be lurking around the doorway, from stomach virus, to ear infections, to sinus infections to bronchitis. She is just about worn to a frazzle (an old saying) and exhausted. She will remember (and maybe even laugh) this winter at some point and say it was bad but we made it!. I think every family has a "winter" they remember forever!
Our "winter" came at about the same point in our marriage and children ages as this has come to her. Within a year, (I know, more than a winter) our two boys, aged 5 and 2 had to have tonsils out. John came to the hospital that morning to give me the news that he had been laid off from his job. We had bought our first home about a year earlier and of course, times were tough. I had a miscarriage, we all had flu, I got pregnant again, we sold our house and moved into John's parents' home (and they lived in a cabin behind the house). John got another job, which he kept until he retired. Our daughter was born and we lived in our in-laws' house for two years, built a house on some of their land and lived there 20 years.
Our children got to grow up running back and forth in the fields behind the grandparents and that was joy for all to be that close.
There were more "winters" as we dealt with Johny's problems but I will always remember that as the worst year of our lives. One really funny thing that happened that year...we thought Johny was allergic to regular milk and tried to keep it away from him. One day I caught him drinking the cat's milk out of a bowl in the garage...ants and all!!! I decided he must not be allergic after
Psalms 13:5-6 "But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me."
And I have felt good the last two radiation to go!

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